Redmine site for ParGram & XLE matters

Dear Members of ParGram,

In an effort to be a little more sophisticated about websites/wikis/forums, a Redmine ( site was created for collaborative work on all things related to ParGram/XLE. The site is at:

The site has two projects: ParGram and XLE.

  • XLE project: documents, support forum. The support forum is for XLE related questions. The idea here is that we can give some support to people new to XLE (this was a suggestion that came up during the Debrecen meeting).

Only people that are registered with the Redmine system are allowed to make changes (create/update wikipages, post forum messages). You can create your account, I will then activate it. To simply view the pages, one does not need an account.

Feel free to distribute the above address to people interested in ParGram/XLE matters.


On a related note, the ParGram workspace with all the files from past meetings is here:

Contact me for a user account.


1 comment to Redmine site for ParGram & XLE matters

  • Islyas Mahyudin

    I’m a lecturer in Malay Language at Thaksin Univsersity, Songkhla, Thailand. I’m intresting in ParGram an XLE program. How could to be remember or take part in the program?

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