Powerset Natural Language Engineering

This is a historic page
Powerset was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.
The following information is outdated and was replaced by the Microsoft Natural Language Platform page.

The Natural Language Engineering (NLE) team at Powerset (part of Microsoft’s Bing Search) develops the ParGram English grammar and semantics for search applications, including the Bing reference vertical.

Applications include:

  • Semantic indexing for Wikipedia and other reference content
  • Tuples extraction from natural language text for answers-like products (e.g. Factz)
  • Improved caption (snippet) choice and readability

ParGram/ParSem related projects include:

  • General grammar, morphology, tokenizer, and named entity detection development
  • Domain adaptation
  • Stochastic ranking
  • Semantics development
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Training data creation and component evaluation